I fell in love with Favor Creative when I saw it for sale, mostly because of the phrase “eco friendly”.

What is eco friendly and what does it mean to me?

According to the dictionary: eco-friendly – adjective – meaning not harmful to the environment.

But what does eco friendly mean to me? It’s really pretty simple. It means, “Doing Your Part”. We aren’t 100% perfect, we can’t be but we can be eco conscious and make small decisions that make a difference and make us feel like we are helping.

I thought I’d start with a few eco friendly habits and/or ideas I use so i can keep on “Doing My Part” to make a difference:

1. I keep reusable bags in my car for when I go food shopping. At first, I’d often forget them but now they are habit.

2. Paper straws – i read some time ago that straws are not eco friendly but i love using a straw. I looked into paper straws and found some of the cutest colors and patterns. It was an uncomfortable switch for my husband, but i didn’t mind. He’s used them now and doesn’t mention them at all anymore. “Doing His Part”

3. Walk or bike ride, instead of taking a car. I lived in Manhattan for many years, when I moved to a small city on Long Island in NY, it was very important to me that i be able to walk or ride a bike to get to things. This was a conscious decision but not something everyone can do. For me, it was necessary because i was so used to it from when i lived in Manhattan. Losing that completely would have been too much for me to give up, for many reasons including the eco friendly aspect.

Want to try using paper straws, check out some eco friendly ones here.