The pots we use in our favors are eco-friendly, plantable and biodegradable, made primarily with sustainably-harvested Spruce trees. The biodegradable wood fiber based container has earned the USDA’s Biopreferred Certification.


The paper we use for our labels is produced with 100% post-consumer fibers, using the highest quality available for the brightest, whitest post-consumer sheet with minimal amounts of visible specks or dirt. It is FSC Certified: Supporting responsible use of forest resources; Rainforest Alliance Certified; and Post Consumer Fibers are PCF (Processed Chlorine Free).

Favor Boxes

The natural kraft boxes we use are made from 100% recycled fibers. Approximately 80% of this is composed of post-consumer recovered fiber. The remaining 20% is pre-consumer fiber sources from industrial trimmings and the like. These boxes are also 100% recyclable. Made in the USA.

Soil Pellets

The soil pellets we use are made from Worm Castings, Stockosorb® AG Polymers, Mycorrihizal Fungi and Natural Organic Fertilizer